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If you live outside of NZ but require help or assistance from New Zealand  Accountants, then your visit to this website will save you a lot of money, time and stress…Here’s why:

We are specialists in helping all types of people who have financial affairs in New Zealand but who live abroad. We’ve solved problems and saved money for literally thousands of people.  They include:

Kiwi expats, migrants, Kiwis returning home, investors, property owners and business owners. Because of our work, our international clients have saved money and time and achieved real peace-of-mind!

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We are Matthew Gilligan, John Rowe and Janet Xuccoa from Gilligan Rowe & Associates Ltd (GRA). We are Chartered Accountants in Auckland New Zealand, and have been providing expert and award-wining service since 1994.

You can learn more about us later, because for now we want to know that we understand the frustrations and concerns when it comes to managing your financial affairs in New Zealand.

We Understand Your Concerns

Here are just some concerns that we hear every day from people who trust us with their affairs but who do not live in NZ:

  • For expats returning or new migrants to NZ… Concerns about how to treat investment income earned outside of NZ. What are the tax implications and how can they protect your money.
  • When it comes to buying a home or investment property…Where to buy in NZ, what to buy, what restrictions exist, and what taxation, accounting and legal structures they should be using.
  • How can tax be minimised (legally) on New Zealand investments through the correct use of tax and asset planning structures?

Plus many more…

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Do you believe that there is more to achieving your financial goals and being successful in life than simply enjoying the traditional services offered by traditional chartered accountants?

We do. That’s why we’ve built our New Zealand Accounting firm on assisting anyone (globally) to be financially successful for their entire life, not just on providing bookeeping services.

The distinction is that while other New Zealand Accountants make bookeeping the main thing they do, we instead choose to take a ‘holistic’ view to our clients’ financial achievement.

We do this for our international clients by providing specialist legal, taxation and accounting services all under one roof.

Yes, this includes accounting services but also covers a range of different services that in the end lead to your success…even though you may be on the other side of the world!

These services include:

  • Asset Planning
  • Family Trusts
  • Property Accounting
  • Taxation Minimisation
  • Property Investment Strategy & Advice

Plus lots more…

Our simple but smart approach of having all the experts working together under one roof means we get better results, faster. It’s that simple.

But every international client is different. The accounting services, tax structures and strategy that will work for a Kiwi expatriate returning to New Zealand may not be suitable for an offshore investor.

It’s our flexibility, expertise and experience that makes the difference.

We look forward to helping you.

New Zealand accountants Matthew Signature New Zealand  accountants  John Rowe New Zealand accountants Janet Xuccoa
Matthew Gilligan CADirector Asset PlanningStructures Division.

John Rowe CADirector BusinessAccounting Services Division.

Janet Xuccoa BCom LLBTrustee & Estate Planning Services Division.

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